Amber Lea (freetobeme) wrote in the_liberalist,
Amber Lea

It's like a contest to see who can come up with the most ironic motto.

So earlier this year Thailand announced it would begin importing/manufacturing generic Kaletra (an AIDs medication), and while it was done without the consent of Abbott Laboratories (the patent holder), international trade law allows it in cases where the country deems it necessary in order to protect the health of its citizens.

So then of course Abbott Laboratories responded with, "Fuck you, no new drugs for you!"

Because Big Pharma doesn't care who suffers when they feel the need to make the point "You don't mess with us."

But then large groups of AIDS activists were like, "The fuck?" So Abbott was like, "Fine, we'll give them to you if you promise not to do it again."

I love pharmaceutical politics.
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