21st Century Schizoid Man (sp_davan) wrote in the_liberalist,
21st Century Schizoid Man

To quote Jello Biafra: "It's begining to look a lot like '1984'..."

I noticed tonight, while logging onto the internet, a news post on Yahoo with the title something along the lines of "Historians Say We Live Better Then Past Eras". Even though this statement seems innocent and seemingly true, I was reminded of something from a novel I had read. I first thought it was "1984", but then I realized it was not that, but another of George Orwell's parables, specifically "Animal Farm". The scene of which I am talking about involves Squealer, the pig that operates basically as propaganda minister for the farm. He would parade out weekly into the farm and read off seemingly endless pages of statistics to the other farm animals, besides pigs and dogs, that life was becoming better and better after the revolution that had rid the farm of humans, even though, in truth, it had become even worse then before.

Does anyone else see a connection?

I do, as the media becomes more and more under the control of the fascists in the White House, corporations, and Christian fundamentalists. "Real" news is almost exclusively the domain of the internet now, due to pressure from the three aforementioned groups. Often on television, news programs love to whip out statistics about this and that, and with quite a few, you must question
their legitimacy. One such poll was aired today on the evening news on ABC. It was about how many Afghanis approve of the work that the U.S. has done in their country. It stated that something around 80% do, which I find incredibly hard to believe from what I know of what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, it seems unlikely that the Afghanis are very fond of Bush appointed crony Hamid Karzie ruling over their country.

Free media is essential to democracy, and with the corruption of it, we are one step closer to horrors of fascism. Soon, more and more connections with the novels of George Orwell will become apparent. We are already embroiled in a "War Against Terrorism", which, like the wars in "1984", has no foreseeable end, and the use of the threat that one of our enemies could wage an attack on us has us running to Bush for protection. Are we to do anything about this? Hopefully, if we are not to become another Nazi Germany.
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